About Us

We created otakushimasu because we noticed that Good quality anime products can be hard to come by so we want to help provide a way to get your hands on tons of cool anime products.

Who are we?

Here at otakushimasu we are a devouted team committed to providing high quality anime products that come at fast shipping times at affordable prices.

What are we selling?

At this time the otakushimasu shop is only selling anime lamps however the store will expand with figures, plushies, keychains and more over time so stick around to get your hands on more and more anime product's at great prices.

Why are we selling it

The team running otakushimasu are all aware of current anime and manga that are popular and have done research on other shops and online stores. with that we have concluded that most of stores are lacks in variety and good prices and customer so we came together to create a shop that will be up to date with the most recent anime and manga to provide new product's.